Course Tour

Golf Course Tour

Hole 1 | Par 4

Tees – white / 345 – red / 252

Men –   Par 4 HDCP 11

Women – Par 4 HDCP 7

Tee off facing Dixville Notch, with the row of pine trees on your left and the out of bounds fence on your right.  Keep tee shot on right side of fairway for best angle onto the green.  Green is bordered by a right and left bunker.

Hole 2 | Par 4

Tees – white / 328 – red / 230

Men – Par 4 HDCP 6

Women – Par 4 HDCP 9

Tee off framing clubhouse with a partially tree lined straight shot with undulating fairway.  Keep ball in center of fairway aiming for last 3 windows of clubhouse.  There is a bunker guarding front left of green.  Green slopes from back to front with 3ft false front.

Hole 3 | Par 3


Tees – white / 191 – red / 155

Men – Par 3 HDCP 4

Women – Par 3 HDCP 15

An elevated shot overlooking Mount Monadnock in Vermont.  This shot over the pond is receptive to a high shot on to an elevated green.  Ladies tee has a wildflower hazard towards the view of the flag atop the Green.  Green has a slope back to front.

Hole 4 | Par 4


Tees – white / 289 – red / 215

Men – Par 4 HDCP 13

Women – Par 4 HDCP 16

This hole is regarded as the easiest hole on the course.  It is known as a “Drivable Dream”.  The best play is to take a shot down the middle of the fairway towards peak of Mount Monadnock.

Hole 5 | Par 6


Tees – white / 612 – red / 385

Men – Par 6 HDCP 7

Women – Par 5 HDCP 3

Affectionately known as “The Monster” by the locals.  From the tee box you can just barely see the flag flying on the green past the four pine trees.  Near the 200-yard marker there is a narrow gap with a side hill lie on right and left.  Sloped green is surrounded with old growth trees and a few young birches among the rolling hills.  Trust your distance shot on this one!

Safety Note:  Do not play shot over 6th green – keep shot to left of pine trees.

Hole 6 | Par 3


Tees – white / 192 – red / 192

Men – Par 3 HDCP 9

Women – Par 4 HDCP17

Tee off from an elevated tee down hill to a green on fairway level.  An amazing view of the sunset over the mountain from this hole makes this one a favorite.  There is a bunker to the right of the green.  The green slopes to the front.  For golfers who walk the course, there is a secret path down the wildflower painted hill to the lower course.

Hole 7 | Par 5


Tees – white / 518 – red / 369

Men – Par 5 HDCP 2

Women – Par 5 HDCP 1

This is a narrow target fairway up a hill with rough on the hill to the left and woods on the right.  A good hole to practice your long hit.  There is a series of ditches, known locally as “The Sugar Bowl” before the green.

Hole 8 | Par 3


Tees – white / 122 – red / 122

Men – Par 3 HDCP 17

Women – Par3 HDCP 11

The green is framed by Pine trees and guarded by a bunker to the left cut into the side of a hill, as well as a bunker on the right. 

Hole 9 | Par 4


Tees – white / 300 – red / 194

Men – Par 4 HDCP 14

Women – Par 4 HDCP 13

The tee is overlooking a ditch toward the clubhouse with a view of Mount Monadnock in the background.  With a good drive this is considered one of the easier holes on the course with 2 bunkers guarding the green.  The green slopes from back to front.